10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Boudoir Session

10 Reasons Why You Should Do A Boudoir Session

What is Boudoir?

You might be asking yourself this question and I am here to give you some answers. Simply put it's a fine art session celebrating the female form. It is about letting go of your hang-ups about your body and embracing the woman you are...THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN YOU ARE! This is for every woman - any size, any age (18+, obviously), any colour, any sexual orientation; trans women are celebrated in my studio too! Let me tell you why you should throw your caution out the window and jump into a Boudoir Session with me!  ❤️

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul" - Audrey Hepburn

1. It's a great way to see yourself how others see you and accept your own body.

So first you might be saying, but these are "sexy" and "girly, girl" photos and I am just not into lingerie and such! Well, you don't have to be! This is about celebrating your identity, so wear the loose t-shirt, wear your partner's fave shirt, wear a tank top and undies, wear a ball cap and ripped up jeans, wear your fave outfit; just wear what you FEEL GOOD in! It's that simple. Or bring all the sassy lingerie you want. I don't care and it's about you seeing you the way I capture you and loving that woman you see in the photos!!

We all want to feel like we belong in a magazine like the girls we see splashed everywhere...let me do that for you! I promise you will when we are through! (oh & PSSST....those girls are all photoshopped...EVERY SINGLE DAMN ONE OF THEM, no matter their size or lack of an inch of body fat; so stop comparing yourself to something that is not real and attainable!)

2. Confidence is something a lot of us lack and this can be a huge boost

How many times have you seen a boudoir shoot and said to yourself "oh I need to lose 15lbs first" or "well I can't pose like that" or "I am not sexy" or "I don't like photos of myself" or "I can't do that"?!

Stop and think that maybe the woman in that photo thought the same thing. Maybe she was nervous and freaked out. And then maybe she said, "WOW you made me feel so beautiful and comfortable!" or "That was an incredible experience and I feel so good!" or "DAMN, is that really me?! How do I look like that?!"

I have never had a client in 10yrs leave without feeling incredible, feeling more confident, feeling beautiful in THEIR OWN skin!! Not once!!

Doing a session like this can be huge for self-esteem and just bringing you more confidence in yourself, and even what you are capable of, overall!

Kelly Szott Photography | Boudoir | Romantic Moody Implied Nude Boudoir Model

3. Celebrate a milestone in your life

Maybe you just ended an unhappy relationship and you are looking for your "power" again. Maybe you had a big birthday (big 30, 40, 50) and that's worth celebrating who you are at this milestone! You might be a survivor of cancer or some other life-threatening disease, and your body is a little changed, but you are alive and well and want to celebrate that! You could be a Transwoman and you finally feel like yourself in your skin so celebrate it!! Whatever your reason, it's worth it, so just do it! ;)

4. Show off and capture your body art

If you have ink or piercings then you have deliberately made your body a unique canvas of art and in my opinion, photos are the best way to capture that art!! You spent all that money and time decorating your body with artful pieces that matter to you and mean something, perhaps even in spots you can't easily see yourself (I have a back tattoo that I don't get to enjoy nearly as often as my forearm tattoo) so a boudoir session is a great way to document that beautiful artwork and you can look at it anytime you want to enjoy it!

Kelly Szott Photography | Boudoir | Vintage Glamour Beauty Session

5. Every woman deserves to be pampered and feel like a celebrity

Most women would love to have a day where they get their hair and makeup done, sip a mimosa (or sparkling non-alcoholic drink), snack on chocolate covered Strawberries, lounge around in their undergarments like a queen, and be photographed like she's hitting the cover of Vogue or In Style, or Inked Magazine! Well, that's my job, to bring you that experience and send you home with an invisible tiara on your head!!

Lady, you are a QUEEN and it's my job to give you that experience so that alone should have you messaging me PRONTO!! ;)

6. It's fun! - Who doesn't want fun?

I promise you it's a ton of fun; I mean you will feel like you've had a workout and might be sore the next day (it's all those poses I get you to hold!), but it's a good sore! It's like going dancing with your girls or whatever your favourite activity is; you will come away with the biggest grin or a natural high and you won't regret it.

Also, I am the most uncoordinated dork you'll ever meet and I will have you laughing at me so much that you'll forget you're in your undies, laying it all out there cuz you'll be wondering how I can fall off a step stool and pull a muscle with little to no effort! LOL Trust me I had so much fun when I did my own boudoir session and I laughed a ton while in my skivvies in the middle of a wide-open park with people walking by!! You think you're nervous, try that!!! :)

I have been known to yell, "YASSSS!", "ACK you are killing it!", "DAMN you are a SMOKESHOW!", or "NAILED IT!" during my sessions because you women blow me away when you act nervous or like you can't and I see that you most DEFINITELY CAN (even with a little help from me or my assistant)! Hell I have been caught doing a happy dance for you incredible women, so come witness that cuz it's not impressive, but it is funny to watch!

Kelly Szott Photogrfaphy | Boudoir | Black Tulle Robe on Sexy Curvy Woman Black Background

7. It makes a great gift for your partner (or yourself)

I think the most important thing is that you do this for yourself, but a session like this also makes a fantastic gift whether you are engaged or getting married and making it a wedding gift, or perhaps you are looking for something different to spice up Christmas or Valentine's Day or their birthday; heck it could be your 20yr Wedding Anniversary and you want to remind your partner what a stunning fox they are married to!! Whatever it is their jaw will fall open and you will be worshipped as the goddess that you are by that individual! Even if you are a ponytail and cutoffs kind of girl getting down in the dirt, you will blow their socks off and more! *trust me*

Every session comes with high-resolution digital images, whether it's a mini session or a full session booked privately, and also with a personal release to print the images and share online (if you so wish). But I do offer "Little Black Books", luxury albums, luxury prints and more to really present your art to the recipient, or even for you to enjoy for a lifetime! Just ask me about these fine art products. I highly recommend the album, I can show you examples and you will want to grace the pages of your own classy, elegant album!

8. Step out of your comfort zone

Do one thing every day that scares you

Putting yourself out there in any realm is scary, uncomfortable, uncertain and something many of us shy away from. But have you ever overcome fear and afterwards just been so down proud of yourself? Have you regretted it; probably not! Have you wondered how different life would be if you had never taken that leap and just done it; put yourself out there?!

Well, you may get to 80 and think why didn't I just do it when I was younger! Don't have regrets! Get uncomfortable so I can make you comfortable in your own skin when I show your images and you say, "That's me?!!!"

Kelly Szott Photogrfaphy | Boudoir | Fun Playful Bathtub and Bubbles glamour session

9. Girl's day out, who doesn't love that?

You know those gals you laugh with, play dress-up within various outfits before you go out, drink champagne and dish about the latest news or gossip in your circle?! Well grab those BFFs and make a fun glam day of it in my studio. You will each be pampered like a group of goddesses and each will have their turn at being glam in front of the camera; heck if you want to pose with your bestie or two or three then I am game and let's have some real (clean) fun!! ;)

We offer special girl's day (or night) packages for 3 or more ladies that include everything in a regular session but probably lots more chatter and laughs! Heck it's a fun way to put a different spin on a bachelorette party; who knows, you might have a friend who wants their special someone to propose and some dynamite on fire images might push them to do it so don't you want your girlfriend to get her dream too?! Please inquire about these special group packages.

10. You deserve it!

Are you always worrying about what everyone else wants or needs? Putting yourself on the back burner? Kids, a spouse, your career, whatever it is you are letting yourself down if you don't make yourself a priority and that's important too!

You DESERVE this day to yourself; to be glammed up, made to feel special and have the memories for a lifetime! Let your worries, deadlines, and responsibilities melt away for a few hours and just be you, the incredible woman you are...let her out, let her purr... LET HER ROAR!!

Kelly Szott Photography | Boudoir | casual at home tattooed boudoir

I can hear you thinking, just message me

Jump out of your head, stop talking yourself out of it, and go hit that contact button at the top of the page! Shoot me a message and I can answer any questions you may have; about privacy, price, etc!

I can't wait to hear from you and hopefully meet you! ;)

Kelly Szott

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