I recently announced on my Social Media Pages that I am moving my business into predominantly Adventure Elopements (aka, hiking, heli, etc elopements with mainly just the couple) and Elopements or Micro Weddings (>30 people in attendance) I will still be taking on a few larger weddings a year, but they are no longer my focus as of Oct 2022. I have been shooting weddings for 12 of the 13years I have called this my profession and something needed to change for me or I risked losing my passion for this career. With the Global Pandemic weddings become nearly nonexistent or small and I really had time to see what I truly enjoy about being a wedding photographer; the intimate connection between two people promising their life to be shared with the other for a lifetime!

I have several reasons why I want to be known as an Adventure Elopement Photographer in Alberta & British Columbia as well as anywhere in the world my passport will take me! Read on to understand this business shift and perhaps this is exactly what you have been looking to do with your nuptials and I am your girl to capture all the moments! Xoxo




I want to shoot them all!! Are you new here? Are you looking for a more intimate, exotic, adventurous and GORGEOUSLY UNIQUE way to say "I Do" with the love of your life?! Well I want to be your photographer to tag along on your adventure and capture all the incredible moments; laughter, tears, kisses, sunrises/sunsets, and more!


Here are all my "why" answers for this shift in my business and I know I will be a great photographer for you because I love the mountains, I love love stories, I love travel, I LOVE increible scenery and I legit THRIVE on witnessing beautiful love stories!! (This might also be your sign to just finally say, "Yup this is what we want, we are ELOPING!")


1. Connection & Intimacy

Intimate connection | Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Stoney Park Campground Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose | Rocky Mountains of Alberta | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography

With Elopements their is far more focus on the intimacy and connection between the couple. I get to spend my time focused on them with few-to-no distractions. I truly love giving them a simple prompt to elicit a natural emotion between them, or simply stay back with my long lens and allow them to really interact how they would on their own and be ready to capture the magic. Maybe it's because I was obssessed with romance novels as a kid; not the sex parts, just the story of them falling in love and not being able to live without each other! It is what lights me on fire to capture a beautiful love story between two people and Elopements allow me the freedom to do just that without bridal parties and guests and strict timelines! Either way it's my favorite part of a regular wedding day and with an Elopement it pretty much is the whole event and that thrills me!


2. Adventure & Fun

Fun Elopement Photo Groom sweeping Bride into a lift | Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Stoney Park Campground Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose | Rocky Mountains of Alberta | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography

I truly live for Adventure and having Fun...well the fun part I am sure everyone is up for, but I love getting out into the mountains, nature, a new destination around the globe and experiencing it! So why wouldn't I want to do the same with my job!! I want to climb the mountains, take a helicopter, ride horses, sail on a yacht, travel to an Icelandic black beach with a waterfall, stand on an actiVe volcano flow!! But you know what I would love more....to do those things with you along for the ride!! I drive my hubby crazy on every trip we go on because I am constantly yelling out "I could shoot a bride over there!!" "OMG a couple would look stunning right there with that backdrop...!" and on and on; just ask him and he'll roll his eyes and laugh becuase it's nonstop with me!! So give the guy a break and just ask me to come on your adventure and capture it, then everyone will be happy! ;)


3. Travel & Epic Locations

Hawaiian Elopement Photo in Maui with crashing waves | Adventure Elopement | Hawaii Elopement | Destination Elopement | Secret Beach Rock the Dress with elopement couple| Elopement couple on Secret Beach Maui |  Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography | Destination Wedding Photographer

I love to travel and I love epic locations so why not choose Elopements and Destination Elopements to get to explore the most incredible sights with my couples! I have lived in Calgary, Alberta all my life and I am very familiar with the backdrops and locations here. The heart of an artist lies in creativity and the same old, same old kind of kills creativity for me. Giving me new destinations, even if it's in my own backyard in the Rocky Mountains I have been playing in since I was a kid! I want to see it all and capture it all so Elopement Specialization HERE I COME!!

I want to feel my heart racing and new locations do that for me. Couples in Love do that for me! Let's combine the two, shall we?! ;)


4. Building Friendships with my Couples

Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Stoney Park Campground Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose | Rocky Mountains of Alberta | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography
















I have had it said to me many times over the years from several couples and guests that hiring me for your wedding is "like having YOUR BEST FRIEND" shoot your big day! I am not going to lie, I LOVE hearing that!! I am a very social extrovert and I got into this career when I discovered that as much as I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom for my son 15yrs ago, I was miserable without my daily interactions with my coworkers of the job I had left behind; and mommy groups were just not my thing (my son was rapping Eminem by 7yrs old so that should give you an indication of the kind of Mom I am!). So my favorite part of meeting all my couples is the potential to make new friends and build a relationship with them, not just show up and offer a service. Elopements become all about the couple and I get to chat with them lots while planning their Elopement as well as that whole day or a large chunk of it is spent with them so we get to talk, laugh, cry (yes I often cry when I hear people's vows to one another, I am sucker for love, what can I say?!), and build a friendship that lasts outside the main event!! I am invested in learning all about who you two are and your whole story so I need that one-on-one time with my couples to really fill my cup! <3


5. Timing and Light

|Hiking Elopement above Lake Louise at Sunrise | Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Stoney Park Campground Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose | Rocky Mountains of Alberta | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography | Sunrise Elopement | Big Beehive Elopement

If you know me then you know I prefer to shoot in the 1-2 hours surrounding sunrise or sunset!! It's the best light and it gives such a magical feel to your images! With Elopements we have all the freedom in the world to capture your vows and portraits, so if you want to be on top of a mountain or standing in front of a waterfall at sunrise we can do that because it's just us and your officiant so there's not a bunch of guests to worry about annoying or being unaccomodating for!! You get to determine exactly how your day looks and I help you plan the timeline based on your location and what you want out of your day! 

I have to tell you it was pretty magical hiking up the Big Beehive last August in the dark to be there for sunrise and watching the light peep over the mountain range, softly glowly on this couple (see their full blog feature here: Lake Louise Sunrise Elopement) as well as lighting the stunning Lake Louise below!! There are so many GORGEOUS lakes in the Rockies and so many incredible locations around the world that are magical with the first or last rays of the day kissing the landscape and you two!


6. Less Pressure & Focus on What Matters

Snowy Fall Elopement at Upper Kananaskis Lake in the Alberta Rocky Mountains | Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Kananaskis Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose with snow flying around them | Rocky Mountains of Alberta | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography

There is a lot of pressure and stress involved with having a wedding of <50+ and I find couples get worked up worrying about everyone else and they forget to enjoy the day for what it is....about them promising themselves to each other for their lifetimes! Elopements take the stress right out of it!! Weather might be the biggest hiccup and trust me, I can make snow or rain look incredible!!! So typically with Elopements we roll with the weather how is and make magic! No matter what, the day is yours, and you get to focus just on the two of you and have fun. There's no pressure to be entertaining anyone, feeding anyone (except yourselves), and you can truly be in the moment the whole day. If you are a deeply emotional couple then the stress-free idea of an Elopement is perfect!!


Your Elopement is tailored specifically to you both and no one but you two!! You can focus on what matters most to you and each other so it becomes a truly incredible experience that I don't think you'll regret and I want to be there for those weddings, because I get to just focus on you and what matters; YOUR LOVE STORY!


7. Unique Experience

Elopement Portraits on the rock pile at Moraine Lake at sunset in the Alberta Rocky Mountains | Adventure Elopement | Alberta Elopement | Rocky Mountain Elopement | Banff National Park Elopement | Elopement couple in Intimate pose at sunset above Moraine Lake | Elopement Photographer | Kelly Szott Photography

You've been to weddings before; they all are the same with a few variations in details: Ceremony, Portraits, Dinner, 1st Dance, Parent Dances, Cake Cutting, and maybe a few games, then the dance. With an Elopement you can make your wedding day unique to you and EXACTLY how you want it and I get to capture that special event instead of the same old all the time. I don't hate big weddings, but I am a little burnt out on them to be honest and mainly focusing on Elopements that are going to be Unique to each couple so my creative fire will be lit again!

-Horseback ride together? Let's go on a backcountry ride with wedding vows!
-Skiers/Snowboarders? Ski elopement anyone?! (I haven't skiied since I was a teen so let's see if it's like riding a bike, shall we?!! LOL)
-Hikers? Let's climb a peak or take a helicopter adventure!
-Nature enthusiasts? Let's find a cool spot somewhere and enjoy nature as your wedding venue!
-Travellers? Let's grab our passports and find that dream location to say your vows and create a storyline of your adventure into forever together!
-It doesn't matter what your dream Elopement looks like (unless it's involving spiders then it's a HARD NO from me!) I will help you to make it come true and leave with beautiful photos to share for a lifetime!

*TRUST ME when I say that I do not have good wedding photos and I have regretted that for 16years now!! I do plan to do a vow renewal Elopement for our 20th Anniversary and I will have EPIC photos, you can count on that!!!*

Fill out the contact form directly below and let's plan your INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE together!!


Xoxo Kelly





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