I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. It is a sentiment I share with my mom who bought her first horse at age 16. I own a gorgeous golden buckskin mare and have cherished her presence in my life for over 8 years. I understand horses deeply. I know their quirks, their fears, their energy. I appreciate their beauty and photographing these majestic creatures is a passion of mine. If you, too, share a passion for your four-legged beauty, there is no better way to capture your love than with an equine portrait session.
“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.” Sharon Ralls Lemon


Capturing The Spirit of Your Horse

Photographing horses can be a challenge. I speak from experience when I say that! My own beloved beast is the most frustrating equine to photograph. But from her, I have learned how to engage with horses to capture beautiful moments. I know how to pose them, and I have the patience and calm necessary when they are not cooperating. I have the ability to be still, to watch for, and to capture the unexpected moments that will give you photos and memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

An Equine photo session is an exercise in serenity, stillness, and appreciation of the magnificent beauty of these amazing creatures. 

​​“I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.” - Allan Hamilton

Horses are sensitive to the energy of those around them. My deep love and respect for horses help me establish a connection, a rapport with your equine and make it possible for me to capture their spirit, their beauty, their power, and their personality.


Book a session with a magnificent Friesian Horse or your own favourite equine this year, any season, and capture the stunning beauty of your majestic horse. These sessions are 30-60 minutes long and will take place in the Priddis area SW of Calgary (where the Friesian is stabled) or wherever your horse is located. You will leave with 10 digital images that illustrate the love and the beautiful connection you have with your beloved animal, or purchase additional images if you wish.

Do you have a horse lover in your life who doesn’t have a horse of their own, but would love amazing portraits with a horse? Gift them this year with a gift certificate to have photos done with Toby, the magnificent Friesian, or with my own beautiful buckskin mare! I bet they will shower you with love, but not too much love, they have to save some for the horse! ;)

Equine Portraits

Horse And Rider Sessions || $525

Capture the special connection you have with your horse against the beautiful backdrop of your barn or paddock or any location you are willing to travel to. I will meet you wherever you are or wherever you want to haul your horse and photograph your interactions, the special bond you share and deliver art-quality images that you can print in a variety of formats.

At Liberty Sessions || $525

Immortalize your horse in its natural environment in a field or paddock, running free and wild. These images will capture your equine’s beauty, grace, strength, and agility. I will also photograph your horse in its moment of stillness and calm with portraits, headshots, and eye shots, so you will always remember the features that you love.

Black Background Horse Portraits || $575

These images are works of art. I will capture headshots and full-body portraits of your horse standing in the doorway of the barn with all lights off inside, or on a black backdrop that I will provide. These pictures harness the natural light to create stunning photos that accentuate the amazing beauty of your animal without distraction.

Fantasy Horse Sessions || $550

These are for the horse lovers who appreciate the stunning imagery of Friesian horses but do not own one. I have a friend with a gorgeous Friesian gelding who partners with me to allow horse lovers to participate in a glamorous fantasy portrait session. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to experience the Lamborghini of the horse world and capture memories you will always cherish.


Boudoir Events only happen once to three times a year so you never want to miss out on all the savings while keeping the full pampered, confidence boosting experience of a Beauty Session with me!

Reserve your time for one of only four Boudoir Mini Sessions on Thursday May 28th/2022. Shot on location at a gorgeous studio in a historical building on 17th Ave downtown Calgary. You will start out pampered with professional Makeup and a Mimosa, then a 1hr session with me, and a stylist! The base package ($549) includes 10 fully edited images that you will select from a preview gallery, but upgrades are available with albums & more images.

Don your favorite sweater & undies, one of my glamorous robes, or your brand new lacy bodysuit and give your partner, as well as yourself, a little spice for A GIFT! ;)


Horse Photography

If you are a horse lover and want to capture the unique and extraordinary bond you share with your four-legged friend, an Equine Portrait Session is the experience of a lifetime. I share your passion and promise a session of patience, understanding, and knowledge of the spirit of these amazing animals.

“When riding a horse, we borrow freedom.” - Helen Thomson

I would love to spend the time with you and your horse and help you tell the story of your connection with each other. With a variety of Equine Portrait Packages, I have something that will work for every horse lover. Let’s connect at 1-403-862-7292!

Along For The Ride

Capturing the story of your life, how you live, and what you love. I promise to bring passion and excitement to your shoot, make it fun, find the beauty in each second and eternalize these moments that you can cherish forever. Share your love for horses, your love for another, your love for yourself with me and we will take a photo journey together.

Equine Portraits FAQs

Not necessarily. You must be a horse lover, but if you don’t have your own, you can lease one or you can do the fantasy session with Toby, the Friesian. There is even a possibility of posing with my mare if you just love horses that much and want photos with one.

Of course not, but I promise I will make you look better than those selfies you take and I always strive to capture the special connection between you and your horse. But if you prefer, it can just be about your horse too.

Well, for starters,  I am jealous! But I will photograph as many as you have. Most sessions are typically an hour, but for multiple horses, we may need longer sessions. Call me at 1-403-862-7292 and we’ll chat.

Illustrate Your Story

Illustrate Your Story

If you have a story to tell, I can help you do that. I create beautiful, dynamic, honest, vulnerable, and powerful images of personal stories, love stories, and yes… horse stories! Let me illustrate your stories with images that tell the truth and give a glimpse into the heart of who you are. Call me at 1-403-862-7292 and let’s take a journey together.


Let The Love Shine

Love for your partner, love for your equine, love for yourself… that is the place where your truth resides. I am the photographer who can capture the complexities and abundance of your love story, whatever it may be! Call me at 1-403-862-292 and let’s tell your story together.


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