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Outdoors Adventure

I’m not afraid of a little drizzle, or wind, or even snow. Of course, it is much more pleasant to shoot in the warm sun, but less-than-perfect weather can create a mood and evoke certain emotions. And since photography is meant to capture a moment in time, there is no sense in painting every day with sunshine and rainbows.

Let’s get outside, climb a mountain, frolic in the cool, blue waters, play hide and seek in the woods, roam the city streets, stand beneath the amazing prairie skies. When you live right in a place as beautiful as Alberta, it would be a shame to stay inside.


Holiday Sessions

Reserve your time for one of our indoor or outdoor holiday mini sessions this November and December. Shot on location at Venue 208 (indoor) and Cougar Ridge SW (outdoor) you can spread the love to family and friends with 5 digital images and a digital Christmas card to share. Don your holiday apparel, get into the spirit of the season, and capture the sweet joy of Christmas.

Along For The Ride

Capturing the story of your life, how you live, and what you love. I promise to bring passion and excitement to your shoot, make it fun, find the beauty in each second and eternalize these moments that you can cherish forever. Share your love for horses, your love for another, your love for yourself with me and we will take a photo journey together.

Illustrate Your Story

Illustrate Your Story

If you have a story to tell, I can help you do that. I create beautiful, dynamic, honest, vulnerable, and powerful images of personal stories, love stories, and yes… horse stories! Let me illustrate your stories with images that tell the truth and give a glimpse into the heart of who you are. Call me at 1-403-862-7292 and let’s take a journey together.


Let The Love Shine

Love for your partner, love for your equine, love for yourself… that is the place where your truth resides. I am the photographer who can capture the complexities and abundance of your love story, whatever it may be! Call me at 1-403-862-292 and let’s tell your story together.


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