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Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you? Like, I mean, do you understand how beautiful you really are? Actually?

I’m not talking about a perfect body, the whitest teeth, the most voluminous hair. I am talking about the way you move through the world, the way you make people feel, the way you laugh, your confidence and your insecurities, your choices and your scars. I want to help you see how truly beautiful you are! Even if you are gifting the images of your Boudoir session to someone else, this is an experience that is all about you!

Embrace Your Beauty

I’m too old. I’m too heavy. I’m not really sexy.

NO! These statements are simply not true! As women, we often don’t take the time to appreciate how amazing we are; how beautiful, how strong, how resilient, how bold. Boudoir photography is an opportunity to see yourself the way others see you. These sessions allow you to take a moment and embrace the woman you really are. And if you are lucky enough to already know your power as a woman, what better way to share your strength and boldness. Boudoir Photography is all about capturing your beauty in ways that will make you fall in love with yourself.


The first step to confidence is embracing yourself exactly as you are.


Take control of your own sexuality and be bold… don’t hold back.


Celebrate the parts of yourself you love and learn to love every curve and scar and blemish… this is your story. These perfect imperfections make you unique and beautiful. These make you the amazing woman you are.


Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy. Trust me to capture the beauty I see in you so you can trust the beauty you will see in every image too.

Don’t let worry, doubt, self-consciousness, negative self-talk hold you back. Boudoir sessions are a chance for you to let loose, unleash your inner goddess,  and have fun. Be the woman you are meant to be!


Boudoir Events will only happen for very elaborate special design sets, starting in 2023, so you don't want to miss out on all the savings while keeping the full pampered, confidence-boosting experience of a Beauty Session with me!

Following the 72hrs for Early Bird Booking, there are ONLY 2 SPOTS NOW AVAILABLE for this special event! ;)

Booking is now open to the GENERAL PUBLIC!

This event will take place on location at the beautiful Venue 308, in a historical building on 11th Ave & Macleod Trail in downtown Calgary. You will start out pampered with professional Makeup, then a 1hr session with me! The base package ($695) includes 15 fully edited images that you will select from a preview gallery, but upgrades are available with albums & more images.

Don your favorite sweater & undies, one of my glamorous robes, or your brand new lacy bodysuit, and give your partner, as well as yourself, a little spice for A GIFT! ;)


Love Yourself

I don’t want to be just your wedding photographer. I want to be a part of your day and help you celebrate and capture every important moment. I am a sucker for a good love story, and telling your story is what drives me. I want to depict your connection, chronicle your commitment, showcase the support you have from your loved ones. I want to understand all of the relationships and the importance of each person in attendance and completely recount the love that makes your day unique.

I have packages that can meet the needs of every couple and every kind of wedding imaginable. You can choose a four-hour package for your low-key elopement, or a full-day package with a second shooter if your event is going to be off the charts! 

Rocky Mountain High

Are you getting married in the mountains? I will meet you there! I do not charge travel fees to the Rockies because it is my preferred shooting locale.

World Wide

Are you getting married barefoot on a tropical beach? In an ancient Gaelic castle to the tune of bagpipes? Are you riding on a camel to rock the Casbah for your I Do’s? I love adventure weddings and will custom design a package that can work for your budget. And for destinations, I am not just a wedding photographer, I am your personal paparazzo, documenting your entire experience.

Engagement Photos

Each of my wedding packages includes a complimentary Engagement Session. This allows you to get used to working with me and it helps me learn about your story, the way you interact, and how we can make the most of our time on your big day. If you haven’t committed to a wedding package, but want engagement photos, your cost can be applied towards a wedding package when you are ready.

Wherever and whatever way you choose to celebrate your love, I promise you a memoir of your day that you will cherish for years to come.

In Their Own Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I couldn’t agree more! I want to believe that my work speaks for itself; I hope it does. But what may speak even louder, are the words my clients have to share about their experiences working with me. Here are their words:



You are marrying the one you love in front of all of the people that matter to you both.
They love you! You love each other! Hold on to that; that is all that matters.
Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.

No matter where or how big or small your wedding is, I promise to capture every important moment, every look, every touch, every kiss, every laugh, every tear. I promise to not just photograph your wedding but to tell the story of your love within the greater context of the place and the people with whom you choose to celebrate. I have standard and custom wedding photography packages that can work for every couple's vision of their perfect day. Let’s talk! Contact me at 1-403-862-7292.

Wedding And Engagement FAQs:

I always include makeup in my package prices and for full boudoir sessions (not part of a mini-event) hair is included as well. It's about pampering yourself and making sure that you feel totally amazing for your session.

I strongly encourage you to embrace the whole experience, but we can pose you or guide you with outfits that hide or flatter the parts you are self-conscious of. I also can use editing tools to erase skin blemishes and marks.

Absolutely not! I welcome women of all ages and I have captured numerous women in their 50s and beyond. You can rock a session like this at any age and you should!

Illustrate Your Story

Illustrate Your Story

If you have a story to tell, I can help you do that. I create beautiful, dynamic, honest, vulnerable, and powerful images of personal stories, love stories, and yes… horse stories! Let me illustrate your stories with images that tell the truth and give a glimpse into the heart of who you are. Email me at kelly@kellyszott.com and let’s take a journey together.


Have questions? Call today at: