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Photography is about documenting moments in time. Sometimes these moments are mundane; snapshots of everyday happenings like doing yoga or cooking a meal. But sometimes the moments to capture are more significant; moments in time that are monumental or significant or celebratory. There are many moments in your life as a couple worth recording. Take advantage of big events or milestones and let’s partner for a Couple’s Session. Couple’s sessions are also great just to chronicle your life together; to find beauty even in the mundane moments like cooking together. Let’s work together and tell the story of your love… the big and the simple.

I’m not afraid of a little drizzle, or wind, or even snow. Of course, it is much more pleasant to shoot in the warm sun, but less-than-perfect weather can create a mood and evoke certain emotions. And since photography is meant to capture a moment in time, there is no sense in painting every day with sunshine and rainbows. Let’s get outside, climb a mountain, frolic in the cool, blue waters, play hide and seek in the woods, roam the city streets, stand beneath the amazing prairie skies. When you live right in a place as beautiful as Alberta, it would be a shame to stay inside.


Every Couple Has A Story To Tell

Couple’s Sessions offer two main benefits to couples of every type...

A photo session with just the two of you is a great way to take a moment away from the hectic chaos of everyday life and celebrate the connection that you share. Laugh, kiss, have fun, get out of your comfort zone, and away from the daily grind. Take a moment to look at each other again.

A reminder, in imagery, of the love between you. Great photos of yourselves at this moment of your journey together. Your emotions, the way you make each other feel, the ease with which you move together, and the intimacy you share will be reflected in the photos I capture.

Your Couple Session will be completely unique to you. Maybe you want something quiet and cozy on your couch in front of the fireplace. Maybe you want to head out to your favourite trails in the Rocky Mountains, sun or snow. Maybe you want to embrace amid the Hoodoos of the Badlands, the wind blowing. Or maybe you want to traipse through the city, stopping to munch on your favourite appies and chugging local microbrews. Whatever your flavour, I am in! Let’s have a wild adventure together or share a peaceful moment, and let me tell the story of your love with amazing photos.


Boudoir Events only happen once to three times a year so you never want to miss out on all the savings while keeping the full pampered, confidence boosting experience of a Beauty Session with me!

Reserve your time for one of only four Boudoir Mini Sessions on SATURAY OCT 15/2022. Shot on location at a gorgeous studio in a historical building on 17th Ave downtown Calgary. You will start out pampered with professional Makeup, then a 1hr session with me! The base package ($549) includes 15 fully edited images that you will select from a preview gallery, but upgrades are available with albums & more images.

Don your favorite sweater & undies, one of my glamorous robes, or your brand new lacy bodysuit and give your partner, as well as yourself, a little spice for A GIFT! ;)


What Is Your Story?


Often you and your soon-to-be betrothed are the only ones present for the proposal. Or maybe you are a showman and you have a big deal planned. This is a memory you will both treasure forever. Let me help you capture every moment of your proposal.


Celebrate your love and your promise to marry with an engagement session. This is a beautiful way to capture your love and your emotions at this time in your life. Yours is a love that is fresh and hopeful. Engagement photos let you look back and remember the person you chose to build a life with.


One year, ten years, forty years… celebrate your commitment, your abiding love, the journey of your life together with photos to commemorate every stage of your romance. Your love story doesn’t end on your wedding day… photos will document every year or your deepening relationship.


You don’t have to be planning to commit, committed, or counting your years of commitment to want really great photos of you and your honey. Love is beautiful and every couple has a story to tell. When you are old and wrinkled images of your young love will warm your heart.


Couple’s Boudoir Sessions are a great way to celebrate your love and intimacy. Let me capture your passion and romance and create your personal gallery of the sensuality of you as a couple.


I am mainly shooting Elopements and Micro Weddings in 2023 and the future, so if you are Eloping in the Canadian Rockies, the Badlands, on the west coast of Canada, the east coast or ANYWHERE in the world then I want to be your adventure buddy and memory taker for the whole thing!!

I love adventure and exploring. I love sunrises and sunsets. I love the mountains and the ocean. I live for telling couple's love stories and I want to tell yours!!

I am available 7 days/week for Elopements and I am ready to head off on your adventure!! Connect with me and let's plan your Elopement just for the two of you or your intimate select group of loved ones you want there with you!

XOXO Kelly

Your Love Story… Your Way

I am laid back and ready for anything. I want to capture the story of your love however you want to tell it. Let’s celebrate your new love, await the answer “yes” together, immortalize your love before the big day, celebrate the years of love you have shared, or reignite your flames of passion. I promise a session of fun, ease, and questions as I learn about who you love, why you love, and how you love. There is a Couple’s Photography Session package that is right for everyone. Let’s take this adventure together. Contact me at 1-403-862-7292.

Along For The Ride

Capturing the story of your life, how you live, and what you love. I promise to bring passion and excitement to your shoot, make it fun, find the beauty in each second and eternalize these moments that you can cherish forever. Share your love for horses, your love for another, your love for yourself with me and we will take a photo journey together.


Couple Sessions FAQs

We can go ANYWHERE and typically there is no travel fee unless I have to drive more than 2hrs from Calgary. I love adventure, so let's go!

Yes!I love couples’ boudoir sessions, so let's do it. We can do it in my studio, rent a hotel room and you can have a date night after I leave, or let’s seek out a secluded outdoor location outside away from peeping eyes!

Yes! I often encourage you to plan for one casual outfit and then a dressier one! It gives you variety and two different looks.

Illustrate Your Story

Illustrate Your Story

If you have a story to tell, I can help you do that. I create beautiful, dynamic, honest, vulnerable, and powerful images of personal stories, love stories, and yes… horse stories! Let me illustrate your stories with images that tell the truth and give a glimpse into the heart of who you are. Call me at 1-403-862-7292 and let’s take a journey together.


Let The Love Shine

Love for your partner, love for your equine, love for yourself… that is the place where your truth resides. I am the photographer who can capture the complexities and abundance of your love story, whatever it may be! Call me at 1-403-862-292 and let’s tell your story together.


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