A few things I love...
  • Photography
  • Horses & Dogs
  • The Mountains
  • The Ocean
  • Adventure
  • Mini Donuts
  • Turtles
  • Travel
  • Sunsets

I am an elopement photographer and a storyteller at heart. I have always had a camera in my hand taking photos of something. My love for photography and telling stories is a huge part of who I am. I probably need a t-shirt or tattoo that says "I see the world through my lens"! Heck, I even schedule photo shoots when I am on vacation in new places!

So let's tell your love story together, shall we?!


Moody, Romantic,
Inclusive Photography
based in Alberta, Canada

Hi! I’m Kelly Szott.

                 * I AM AN EQUESTRIAN
  • Started riding at 8yrs old in pony club
  • My Horse growing up, Frisco saved my life in a very dark time
  • I currently have a gorgeous buckskin mare who tests my patience with her attitude and brings me immense joy...she's kind of my therapist
  • I yell, "HORSES" to all occupants of a vehicle if we pass them while driving...it's a MUST! LOL
  • I wanted to be a profiler and was accepted to the Criminal Psych program at Simon Fraser Uni (ask me why I didn't go)
  • Now I am addicted to True Crime Podcasts - my faves are Crime Junkie & Counter Clock
  • I love thriller fiction novels and I devour them on my kobo or audiobooks while I am editing/driving
              * DOG LOVER TO MY CORE
  • BEGGED for a dog until I finally got one at 12yrs old
  • Bought a dog only 3wks after moving in with my (now) hubby
  • I will ALWAYS have 2 dogs by my side in this life, it's NON-NEGOTIABLE with me! lol
  • Schnauzers are my favorite breed. Had one throughout my teens and it's the only breed hubby and I have had together!
  • Rogue is our 8 year old chocolate mini schnauzer, and Domino is our 5 year old toy schnauzer
  • Met my hubby when we were both 20 years old and started dating when we were 21
  • 23 years together and 17 married
  • He was the first guy I felt like I could truly be myself with
  • He makes me laugh to this day and it's my favorite thing about him
  • We have changed a lot in 23 years but we maintain the same values and love spending time together at breweries, walking our dogs, hiking or camping in the mountains, and travel adventures abroad with either a beach or some more amazing breweries!
  • l have lived my entire life at the foot of the stunning Rocky Mountains
  • I grew up camping in the Alberta and BC Rockies as well as hiking and riding horses in them
  • I love to work and play in the mountains
  • My hubby has joked that we should move to the mountains and I think we will when my teen graduates in 2 years

Photographing weddings & elopements since 2011

Get to Know me


I truly feel that I have the most amazing job in the world! I get to jump in my SUV and drive into one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL mountain ranges to capture emotion-filled intimate weddings in nature! We can hike or take a gondola, ride horses, or hire a helicopter, but I will take you to an epic backdrop and tell your love story for you.
You are choosing to elope and have an adventure, so I'd love to come along as your elopement photographer and we will take a photo journey together! 

My mission

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