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You love adventure, mountains, dogs, forests, lakes....just nature in general. ME TOO!! We will get along famously! I also love to travel so I will go ANYWHERE you want to car, by plane, by hot air balloon or helicopter!

I typically respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours and be forewarned I love emojis and exclamation points, plus my liberal use of "lol"

Once I have gone over your information I will reach out with some information for you and then you can schedule a zoom or in-person meeting so we can talk and laugh just like old friends do! ; perhaps you will bring your dog(s) and I will bring mine and it will be kismet ;)!Then you will say, "YASSS Kelly, we HAVE to HAVE YOU!"

That's when I will email you the contract and invoice. Once everything is signed and paid the real fun begins as we put together your day and assemble all the vendors, locations, and items you need!

*Please note that as an Elopement Photographer my specialty is planning and shooting events with 25 guests or fewer.

No availability for March 2023 | Limited in June & August | Remainder 2023 open
2024 is fairly open and I am now taking bookings

My Values

I have a pretty strong stance on some things in this world and I won't back down from believing the following:

~ Love is love, plain and simple!
~ Black Lives Matter
~ Indigenous women and children's lives matter
~ Science is REAL, vaccines SAVE countless lives, and climate change is NOT a myth
~ I stand with Transgender humans & their right to be who they ARE!
~ EVERY woman deserves body autonomy, including reproductive RIGHTS!
~ Universal healthcare SHOULD be a human right!
~ Animals deserve NOTHING but KINDNESS from humans

If any of these are not in line with your values and beliefs then we are not a good fit; please find another photographer that aligns with what you believe.

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