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Iceland Elopements | An Exotic, Wild Elopement Location


They Say Show What You Want To Shoot!! Iceland Elopements

** Image is for Inspiration and is in line with my photography style **

Iceland Elopements – I WANT THEM ALL!! Iceland is a huge bucket list travel destination for me for photography and I am DYING to shoot elopements there!! They say you should show to the world what you want to shoot, so here I am blogging about this dream of mine. No I haven’t shot there yet, but I have shot in locations far away from my hometown and nothing changes but the scenery and the incredible people I get to meet! <3

Why do I love it, if I have never been…YET?!! 😉
Well it has a wild and exotic landscape similar in some ways to Canada and yet so different! In Iceland you will find mountains and waterfalls just like in the Canadian Rockies, my home, but there’s so much more! I LOVE to travel and I want to experience this island with an incredible couple to tell their love story; ask my hubby I would just drive him nuts if I went without a couple to shoot!! LOL

  • black sand beaches
  • blue hot spring lagoons
  • Icelandic ponies
  • wild geography unlike anywhere in the world
  • the ocean
  • volcanoes
  • glacial lakes (with actual chunks of glaciers floating in them – see Jökulsárlón below)
  • PUFFINS (they are adorable birds)
  • Whales

I have seen so much imagery and I so badly want to capture your love story in this beautiful, magical, jaw-dropping landscape! From what I am told and all my hours of research have shown me is that Iceland Elopements are for the *truly* adventurous and those seeking raw, untamed beauty!


#1 – Choose the best time of year for your elopement

~ Summer is the most popular time of year for an Iceland Elopement (July/August) as the weather is nice and there’s no snow, as well as the sun is still up at midnight which is a cool experience. It is busy and slightly more expensive due to the amount of people that flock to Iceland in the summer months. So be prepared that lodging and rental cars will be more difficult to get as well tourist attractions like The Blue Lagoon will be packed with people.

~ Fall is an awesome time to head to Iceland for an elopement as the throngs of tourists abate but the temps are still mild enough to be hospitable. The Northern Lights even start making an appearance in the fall.

~ Winter can be harsh in Iceland and if you want to elope there the weather can be very unpredictable making it more difficult, but not undoable. You will definitely witness the Aurora Borealis in the sky and it’s magical taking a dip in one of the many local hot springs when it’s snowing or to visit a glacier.

~ Spring is another ideal time as the snow melts away for that awe-inspiring green landscape to emerge. It’s also the season for whale watching and other unique wildlife. Weather can still be inclement, but make it a part of the adventure! 😉

#2 – Pick a Location to Elope in Iceland

There are so many incredible places that I have seen and could find to have your Iceland Elopement and here I have chosen the most popular, scenic ones I could find but if you want to go there I will help you find the BEST location for you! (it’s what I do)! 😉

Skogafoss – This infamous waterfall is located in Southern Iceland and is very easy to get to making it very popular for elopements and tourists alike. Sunrise is probably the best time for this location as it gets crowded during the day and the early morning rays create rainbow reflecting off the falls!

 Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon – A lush green portrait paradise located in southeast Iceland with the river Fjaora flowing through it. Aldo another very popular tourist destination so be mindful of crowds, but it s a truly stunning site for your elopement.

Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach) – I don’t think you can go to Iceland without visiting this beach and it is an incredible spot for an Iceland Elopement! Black sand, stone pillars in the cliff face you can climb on and amazing sunrises/sunsets. It’s an absolutely breathtaking location!

Godafoss – A nothern Iceland waterfall on the river Skjálfandafljót that makes an awe-inspiring location for your elopement ceremony.

Kirkjufell – Iceland’s most famous mountain and a spectacular spot for your Iceland Elopement. There’s the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, wildlife, and people even go there to watch the Northern Lights.

Seljalandsfoss – Another Instagram famous waterfall and popular attraction in Southern Iceland, including for elopements. It’s also very close to Skogafoss so you can visit both waterfalls easily.

Jökulsárlón – A large glacial lake in Vatnajokull National Park, southeastern Iceland, with floating glacier ice. It is truly one of the more adventurous locations for your Iceland Elopement and I highly recommend going there!

Budir and The Black Church – Located in Western Iceland Budir is known for it’s black church and varying landscapes in the surrounding area offering lots of options for elopements without driving all over.

Westfjords – The very large peninsula off the northwestern tip of the island and a place fewer people travel too but it’s breathtaking with waterfalls, fjords, wildlife, beaches, and hot springs. If you are wanting more privacy and intimacy for your Iceland Elopement then this is a great location for you.

#3 – Legal Stuff

In Iceland you need to obtain a Marriage Notification, a document that states you are free of an legal impediments to getting married. Along with this you will need:

  • A certificate of each person’s marital status (marriage record – issued within 8wks of ceremony date)
  • Original Copies of your Birth Certificates
  • Passport copies
  • Trip itinerary (arrival and departure dates)

You must send in all documents to the National Registry Office in Reykjavik no later than 3 weeks before your elopement date, but earlier might be better. You will also need to meet with the regional district commissioner office before your ceremony date to get your marriage license after they review your documents.

You also require an officiant in Iceland for your elopement as they do not allow friends or family to marry you if you are going for the legal part. You can always do the legal stuff at home and just have an amazing adventure in Iceland just the two of you or with a few guests, as well.

#4 – Accommodations

Where you stay in Iceland for your elopement will probably depend on where you have chosen for your ceremony or perhaps you are crazy adventurous and want to rent a 4×4 jeep and travel all over…DO IT!


Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland, the capital, and most likely where you will fly into. Check out AirBnbs as well as hotels and bed & breakfasts to find something that suits your budget and your style. Garden Cottage, Northern Lights Luxury, and Ocean View Home are a few to check out.


An oceanside town known for the famous Reynisfjara Beach and also nearby glaciers. It’s about 2 hours away from Reykjavik. Some AirBnbs to check out: Fossar Cabin, Cabin 9 Iceland, and Secluded Waterfront Cabin.


This town is located at the base of snowy mountains in northern Iceland and is a less explored area of Iceland but has some amazing sights. Some cool places to stay: Peaceful Cabin, Luxury Villa, Modern Cottage, Cabin in the Woods

#5 – Find Activities to Include in your Iceland Elopement

  • Soak in the Blue Lagoon
  • Whale Watching
  • View the Northern Lights in Winter
  • Take a horseback tour on Icelandic Horses
  • Picnic by a waterfall
  • Stroll a black sand beach
  • Hike a glacier (with a guide)
  • Helicopter tour of glaciers and volcanoes
  • Tour the Ice Caves in Winter
  • Rent a 4×4 Jeep and explore the island or rent a camper van

Iceland Elopement Prices

For a limited time (2023) Iceland Elopements are $5000CDN (~$3700US) and include:

  • ALL of my travel costs!!!! (huge savings to you)
  • Unlimited emails and communication with me
  • Full Elopement Planning and Advice from me
  • Custom Timeline for your Adventure Elopement
  • Travel documenter (gotta get those Instagram stories for you)
  • Shooting every day I am in Iceland with you (unlimited photo ops)
  • An Online Gallery of unlimited Images for 6 months with unlimited downloads and sharing with family/friends, printing rights
  • A Gift Box for you both, including a beautiful image box or album of your images

Learn more about me and my services to see if we would make a great fit. Then fill out my contact form and let’s have a video chat to discuss your EPIC ICELAND ELOPEMENT!

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xo, kelly

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