As an Alberta Rocky Mountain elopement photographer, I have photographed weddings and elopements all over Western Canada, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, but these mountains I call home are one of my favorite places! You can't beat the majesty of the Canadian Rockies (psst, they are more rugged and awe-inspiring than the older Rockies of the US!) and I spent my childhood playing, camping, hiking, and horseback riding in them! ;)

you are considering eloping in the famous alberta rockies, but wondering how to do so?

how to elope in alberta

  Summer, Fall or Winter Landscapes?
~ Ideally to begin planning your Elopement you need to pick a date and now you are faced with which season you should choose. Well it’s all about what you as a couple prefer and the activities you like to do. Are you hikers and paddle-boarders, or do you prefer to snowboard down a snowy slope slipping between the trees coated in powdery white; maybe you like the larches and the cooler weather of Autumn without the cold and snow to deal with?

Summer - Book June through Mid-Sept
Fall - Mid Sept to Mid-Oct
Winter - End of Oct all the way through to April
Spring - April to May (although in the Rockies the weather is so unpredictable and it may still be snowy with frozen lakes in April and even May)

When is Ideal to elope in the alberta rocky mountains?

If you ask me, I will tell you to choose the Golden Hour every time!!! Sunrise or Sunset offers the absolute best light of the entire day and that’s how I create dreamy photos! It’s up to you which you prefer.

  • Sunrise - Getting Ready in the wee hours of the night/morning, hiking up in the dark (with headlamps), saying your vows as the first rays of light pop over the horizon and then we are out of there before the tourists show up.

  • Sunset - We hike up to time it so we are there 90 min before the sun slips away for the day and you say your vows while the day fades away, hiking down in the dark (with headlamps). This option means we may have to do some portraits in the afternoon or early evening at another location at base altitude as our time on top of the mountain is limited by the sun setting.

  • Not hiking but hiring a Helicopter? Well then you choose which time you prefer and we make that happen as the flight is typically only 5-20 minutes to a picturesque spot and we don’t waste hours hiking. ;)

* time of day?

~ The Canadian Rockies are a HUGE tourist attraction and can be absolutely NUTS, crawling with people on weekends. I highly recommend, to make your elopement day go smoothly with the utmost of privacy and easy access to spots, you choose a weekday. It’s also easier to find vendors and traffic traveling through the mountains will be less congested and stressful.

* avoid weekends & opt for a weekday elopement

* avoid weekends & opt for a weekday elopement

* time of day?

Choosing a Ceremony Location
You may already have an idea of where you want to elope in the Rocky Mountains, but you also might have chosen the backdrop but not really know where you actually want to go. That’s okay because that’s what an Alberta Rocky Mountain elopement photographer is for; a resource in the area!
  • Are you planning to stay in a mountain town and make that a part of your day (ie: spending some time there as well as your ceremony site)? Banff, Jasper, Canmore, Waterton are just a couple amazing mountain towns Alberta has to offer.
  • Are you wanting to hike? Take a helicopter? Canoe in a mountain lake? Have your dogs join you? Ride Horses?
  • Are you seeking summit views atop a mountain? A quiet spot beside a lake or river? Forest, or open views?
  • Are you having any guests and what do we need to consider for accessibility with those guests?

All of these questions help me to understand your desires for your day, but also location options can really depend on the answers to these questions.

Where to Elope in the Alberta Rocky MOuntains?

Banff, Canmore, & Jasper are my three favorite mountain towns within the Alberta Border (British Columbia, aka BC, is another page) to stay in and all 3 offer amazing Hotels and some Airbnbs.


  • The Canmore Loft (Airbnb)
  • Malcolm Hotel
  • Solara Resort (condo style rooms)
  • Fairmont Banff Springs
  • My personal fave to stay at is at the Mount Royal Hotel, located right on the main street of Banff
  • So many hotels to choose from or Airbnbs
  • Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
  • Mount Robson Inn
  • Pyramid Lake Resort
  • Miette Mountain Cabins

Places to stay in the mountains

~ What Activities to Include Besides Saying I Do? ~

You've already tossed the traditional rule book out by choosing to Elope so why stop there, you can literally fill your day with anything you want! ;)

  • Hike a mountain for sunrise
  • Take a Helicopter Ride to a Remote Mountain location (Rockies Heli Canada is my Go-To company on Abraham Lake for their exceptional customer service and Never-cancel-on-you policy)
  • Paddle-board on a mountain lake
  • Ride Horses through mountain trails (there's several guest ranches in the Rockies)
  • Visit a craft brewery
  • Dip in Hot Springs
  • Have a picnic in a meadow
  • Ride a Gondola and have dinner atop a mountain

This is just a tiny sampling of ideas, check out my full list of 100 Activities To Do When You Elope and get inspired to create your dream day! I am here to help you build a timeline that includes all that you want to do on your day (or possibly split over two days).

~ What should you bring along? ~

The mountains can be a formidable place and the weather has a mind of it's own; it can throw winter at you on a summer day, if it chooses. So you not only need to be prepared for your Elopement itself, but being in the mountains has it's own set of things required to be safe and warm. I always provide my couples with a comprehensive list before their elopement, depending on the season, the activities and the location, but here is a general list:
  • Marriage license (If you are doing all the legal bits)
  • Pen
  • Proper footwear - either good hiking boots with traction or a hiking runner designed for trails
  • Layers ( leggings under dresses, warm socks, jackets) and gloves/head covering (ie toques/beanies)
  • Headlamps or a flashlight that is NOT your phone
  • Compass (you don't want to get lost if we were separated for any reason)
  • Trail map downloaded for offlline use
  • A sturdy backpack for carrying all that you need
  • Hand & feet warmers
  • Water!!!
  • Bear Spray (I bring mine, but if we get separated you are going to want yours as well - there are bears and mountain lions that you may need to protect yourself against)
  • Champagne or your celebratory beverage of choice
  • Blanket, for warmth and a picnic or snack break
  • Poloroid Camera - to document silly moments and they are just super fun

You chose to Elope because you love adventure, you are not into the big party and a lot of attention on yourself and you wanted an EPIC experience instead of just the same old wedding you've attended over the years. Alberta has some of the most INCREDIBLE landscapes to offer you as a backdrop and so many activities that you can add into your day to really make it unique and special to you!! I want you To have the best day and focus on all the little moments, the tears, the laughter, the anticipation and the adventure, and Alberta is my playground; my backyard; my home base; so I know that I can help you have the most spectacular day here!

If you think we might make a great fit for your Elopement in the Alberta Rocky Mountains then shoot me a message and LET'S CHAT!

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