But you may be thinking, now what? What do we do on our Elopement day?


When it comes to eloping, anywhere in the world, I HIGHLY recommend adding some fun activities you enjoy, or some you would like to do but have never done, to your day!! I suggest picking 1-4 depending on the length of your trip to the location and the length of photography coverage you want. ;)

100 elopement day activities

1. Hike a mountain
2. Ride or hang out with horses (yours or an adventure ranch)
3. Ride a motorcycle
4. Paddleboard on a Lake
5. Take a Helicopter Ride
6. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon
7. Play with or cuddle your dogs
8. Visit a bar and have some drinks
9. Have a campfire and roast marshmallows, make smores
10. Go Kayaking/Canoeing
11. Ride a Zipline
12. Jump on a trampoline
13. Hike to waterfall
14. Play in a waterfall
15. Snuggle up in front of a cozy fire in a mountain cabin
16. Go skiing/snowboarding
17. Ride a Gondola
18. Eat greasy fast food and laugh
19. Make breakfast together
20. Have an intimates couples session at home or in your hotel (I will photograph)

21. Have a bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub
22. Explore a National Park
23. Glamp out in a Luxury Tent with all the furnishings
24. Ride Atv's
25. Rent a jeep and go off-roading
26. Rock climbing
27. Draw each other and then do a photo reveal
28. Go sailing on a sailboat
29. Hang Gliding
30. Blow bubbles
31. Write a poem to each other and then read them out loud
32. Go Scuba Diving
33. Take a whale watching tour
34. Watch the sunset together snuggled under a blanket
35. Visit a wolfdog sanctuary
36. Go to an alpaca farm
37. Make an ice cream sundae together, blindfolded
38. Visit a Hot Springs
39. Learn how to do something new together
40. Go axe throwing

41. Go to a Speakeasy Bar
42. Play Billiards
43. Go Skydiving
44. Snuggle in bed and watch your favorite movie
45. Go fishing
46. Take a dance lesson
47. Take a wildlife tour
48. Tell each other Dad jokes and rate the best ones
49. Take a Micro Brewery tour
50. Miniature Golf
51. Visit a Top Golf or Launchpad
52. Make-out and dance in the rain
53. Have snowball fight
54. Jump on a trampoline
55. Fingerpaint together
56. Lay under the stars and watch for a shooting star
57. Let your partner teach you something they are good at that you don't know how to do
58. Feed each other donuts or dessert
59. Go disc golfing
60. Have a first look on top of the world/mountain

61. Facetime your family and friends
62. Go to a spa together
63. Get couples massages
64. Candlelight Dinner
65. Visit a goat farm
66. Go cliff diving
67. Have a picnic
68. Ride vintage or mountian bicycles
69. Go dogsledding
70. Eat ice cream cones
71. Visit a winery
72. Jump into a lake, ocean or pool
73. Take a cooking lesson
74. Get ready together and help each other get dressed
75. Pop Sparkling Water (Leave No Trace Principles)
76. Change into different outfits
77. Get a tattoo
78. Rent a vintage car or truck
79. Plant a tree together
80. Go ice skating

81. Build a snowman or snow fort
82. Bungee Jump
83. Snorkeling
84. Whitewater rafting
85. Chill out in a hammock
86. Play a board game
87. Scuba Diving
88. Swim with turtles
89. Take polaroid pics of each other
90. Fly a kite
91. Go on a safari
92. Learn to say a sentence in a new language
93. Learn the culture of the location
94. Rent a camper van and go on a road trip
95. Play a guitar
96. Visit a natural wonder
97. Give each other a gift
98. Surprise your partner with something unexpected
99. Say your vows in a sunflower field or field of daisies
100. Write a letter to your partner to open on your             anniversary

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