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Iceland Elopements – I WANT THEM ALL!! Iceland is a huge bucket list travel destination for me for photography and I am DYING to shoot elopements there!! They say you should show to the world what you want to shoot, so here I am blogging about this dream of mine. No I haven’t shot there yet, but I have shot in locations far away from my hometown and nothing changes but the scenery and the incredible people I get to meet! <3

Why do I love it, if I have never been…YET?!! 😉
Well it has a wild and exotic landscape similar in some ways to Canada and yet so different! In Iceland you will find mountains and waterfalls just like in the Canadian Rockies, my home, but there's so much more! I LOVE to travel and I want to experience this island with an incredible couple to tell their love story; ask my hubby I would just drive him nuts if I went without a couple to shoot!! LOL

Iceland Elopements | An Exotic, Wild Elopement Location