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If you are up for a unique experience in a wild, super cool landscape, then consider an Alberta Badlands Elopement just outside Drumheller! It’s Alberta’s desert landscape and just like the beautiful landscapes of Utah & Arizona to the south, the Badlands have their own extraordinary rock formations, called Hoodoos as well as canyons, and […]

Alberta Badlands Elopement on Hoodoos Trail | Drumheller


Badlands Elopement in Alberta outside Drumheller - the couple


As much as I love my mountains, I also have a love for the Badlands of Alberta, surrounding Drumheller in the central-eastern part of the province. The Badlands of Alberta, Canada are a unique and beautiful landscape that provides a stunning backdrop for any adventure. If you’re looking for a memorable way to capture your […]

Drumheller Adventure Engagement Session | Lindsay & Sean


Adventure engagement session with a couple in the badlands of Drumheller Alberta