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If you are up for a unique experience in a wild, super cool landscape, then consider an Alberta Badlands Elopement just outside Drumheller! It’s Alberta’s desert landscape and just like the beautiful landscapes of Utah & Arizona to the south, the Badlands have their own extraordinary rock formations, called Hoodoos as well as canyons, and […]

Alberta Badlands Elopement on Hoodoos Trail | Drumheller


Badlands Elopement in Alberta outside Drumheller - the couple


I am an Elopement Photographer and I am here to share with you about Eloping in Sedona, a very special place in North America!❤️ I LOVE Sedona Arizona and it’s one of my favorite places in North America!! I live close to Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies and Sedona is the American Banff, in […]

Eloping in Sedona, Arizona: A Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding



A spring Sedona Adventure Photography session at Tlaquepaque and Devil’s Bridge with an engaged couple. Book Your Sedona Elopement at

Sedona Adventure Photography | Kelsey & Oscar



BANFF | JASPER | CANMORE | WATERTON | ABRAHAM LAKE | CROWSNEST PASS Why Elope in the Alberta Rocky Mountains? Hundreds of thousands of people come from across the world to visit Alberta yearly! Why? Well for its legendary Rocky Mountains with their uniquely turquoise and emerald green lakes,  interesting wildlife and so much more. […]




You might be saying to yourself “what is a modern elopement? I see so many people eloping and all I can think of is the stories from my childhood of people sneaking off and coming home with rings on their fingers; they ran off to the court house or another city and secretly got married!”

Well in the 2000s elopements have taken on a different image, slightly different meaning, and the “rules”…well THERE ARE NONE! In today’s day and age Elopements are not necessarily about secrets and they definitely are not about courthouses (I think where I live in Calgary you can’t even go to the courthouse to get married anymore).

Modern Elopements: What Are They & Why You Want to Choose To Elope



Iceland Elopements – I WANT THEM ALL!! Iceland is a huge bucket list travel destination for me for photography and I am DYING to shoot elopements there!! They say you should show to the world what you want to shoot, so here I am blogging about this dream of mine. No I haven’t shot there yet, but I have shot in locations far away from my hometown and nothing changes but the scenery and the incredible people I get to meet! <3

Why do I love it, if I have never been…YET?!! 😉
Well it has a wild and exotic landscape similar in some ways to Canada and yet so different! In Iceland you will find mountains and waterfalls just like in the Canadian Rockies, my home, but there's so much more! I LOVE to travel and I want to experience this island with an incredible couple to tell their love story; ask my hubby I would just drive him nuts if I went without a couple to shoot!! LOL

Iceland Elopements | An Exotic, Wild Elopement Location



You chose to Elope partly because you wanted to remove most of the stress in planning a wedding and you wanted to keep the planning simple, but you may be at a loss for how to go about planning an elopement. Well that’s why I am here, to help you easily plan your perfect day in your dream location (although I do offer elopement planning with my photography services for Elopement Couples who book me.

10 Easy Steps to Plan an Elopement


Ab ride and groom standing on a dock on Emerald Lake in the mountains of British Columbia on a grey, gloomy autumn day


Now that you have decided to elope somewhere, just the two of you, or with a few of those people closest to you, you need to figure out where and how to go about doing so. Perhaps you know exactly where you want to elope but you are not 100% sure where to start or what needs to be done.
Here’s 5 Tips to elope in your dream location

5 Tips On Eloping In Your Dream Location


Bride and groom all bundled up in parkas walking away from a parked helicopter atop a snow mountain